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Seven Signs



Event cycle

Start of the competition 1 week, Monday 18:00
Period of Struggle Registration for one of the parties, collecting Seal Stones, participation in the Festival of Darkness
End of the Struggle Period Week 2, Monday 18:00
Summing up, the beginning of the Victory period Week 2, Monday 18:00-18:15
Victory period The winning side receives benefits, the losing side receives penalties
End of the Victory period Week 3, Monday 15:45


What to do during the Struggle?

Useful quests

Collecting Seal Stones

Etc water rune i00 0.jpg Blue Seal  Stone 1 point
Etc wind rune i00 0.jpg Green Seal  Stone 1 point
Etc fire rune i00 0.jpg Red Seal  Stone 10 points


City Teleport Cost during the Struggle Cost during the Victory period
Gludin Village Necropolis of Sacrifice 5500 3300
Town of Gludio The Patriot's Necropolis 9200 5500
Necropolis of Devotion 14000 8700
Necropolis of Sacrifice 7000 4200
Catacomb of Dark Omens 30000 18000
Town of Dion The Pilgrim's Necropolis 3900 2300
Catacomb of the Heretic 2600 1500
Catacomb of the Branded 5900 3500
Necropolis of Worship 11000 6800
Town of Giran Necropolis of Martyrdom 8600 5100
Heine Necropolis of Worship 5500 3300
The Pilgrim's Necropolis 13000 8200
Catacomb of the Heretic 12000 7600
Catacomb of the Branded 13000 8100
The Saint's Necropolis 9600 5700
Town of Oren Catacomb of the Apostate 5000 3000
Town of Aden The Disciple's Necropolis 14000 8400
Catacomb of the Witch 12000 7500
Catacomb of the Forbidden Path 18000 11000
Hunters Village Catacomb of the Witch 5000 3000
Catacomb of the Forbidden Path 2800 1700
Rune Township Necropolis of Martyrdom 46000 28000
Catacomb of the Witch 37000 22000
The Patriot's Necropolis 29000 17000
Necropolis of Devotion 39000 23000
The Disciple's Necropolis 35000 21000
Catacomb of the Forbidden Path 41000 25000
Catacomb of Dark Omens 25000 15000
The Saint's Necropolis 73000 43000
Town of Goddard The Disciple's Necropolis 11000 71000
Catacomb of the Forbidden Path 40000 24000
Catacomb of Dark Omens 51000 31000
The Saint's Necropolis 76000 46000
Town of Schuttgart Necropolis of Sacrifice 29000 17000
The Pilgrim's Necropolis 32000 19000
Catacomb of the Heretic 34000 20000
Catacomb of the Branded 50000 30000
Necropolis of Worship 38000 22000
Catacomb of the Apostate 44000 26000
The Patriot's Necropolis 49000 29000

Participation in the Festival of Darkness

Category Number of points per victory
Characters lvl 32 60 points
Characters lvl 42 70 points
Characters lvl 53 100 points
Characters lvl 64 120 points
Characters lvl 85 150 points


What to do during the Victory period?

Obtaining Ancient Addena (Ancient Adena)

Etc water rune i00 0.jpg Blue Seal  Stone Etc ancient adena i00 0.jpg3 Ancient  Adena  
Etc wind rune i00 0.jpg Green Seal  Stone Etc ancient adena i00 0.jpg5 Ancient  Adena  
Etc fire rune i00 0.jpg Red Seal  Stone Etc ancient adena i00 0.jpg10 Ancient  Adena  

Purchasing Items

Effect of Seals

  1. The Lords of Dawn won in the first cycle of the Seven Seals, and activated the 1st and 2nd seals, while the 3rd remained inactive (35% on the 1st, 35% on the 2nd, and on the 3rd There aren’t enough people anyway). If Dawn wins in the second cycle (that is, it is already 4 weeks - 2 cycles), voting for the same seals (again 35% for the 1st, 35% for the 2nd, not enough for the 3rd) then for the third cycle (Monday of the 5th week) to activate any of the seals that won in the previous cycle (in our example these are the 1st and 2nd seals) you will need only 10% (10% for the 1st, 10% for the 2nd, 35% on the 3rd). Thus, if the Dawn wins again, on Monday of the 6th week (the beginning of the Victory period of the 3rd cycle) all 3 seals will be activated. PROFIT well.
  2. The Lords of Dawn won the first and second cycles of the event, but the Army of Dusk won in the third cycle . This means that Dusk will have to reach 35% in order for the seal (or 2 seals, as it turns out or wants) to be activated in the third cycle. If in this case Dusk also wins the next, 4th cycle, then during the Struggle period they will need 10% for the one (or those) of the seals that they won in the previous cycle.     


1) Seal of Avarice (Seal of Greed)

2) Seal of Gnosis (Seal of Knowledge)

3) Seal of Strife

Black Marketeer, Blacksmith and Trader of Mammon