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Referral system

Important Note:

We strictly prohibit advertising of referral links on our official social networks, such as DISCORD, TELEGRAM, VK, FACEBOOK, and FORUM. The essence of the referral system is to promote it on external resources, benefiting both you and your invited players.

Dear players,

Today we will tell you about a referral system that provides excellent bonuses to those who invite new members, as well as to those who are invited. The referral system is an innovative method of rewarding players for attracting new members. Only those who register using your unique referral link are eligible to receive bonuses for achieving certain goals in the game.

Where can I find a Referral Link?

Rewards for Inviters


Payment from Payment to Bonus
10 CoL 49 CoL 5%
50 CoL 99 CoL 6%
100 CoL 199 CoL 7%
200 CoL 499 CoL 10%
500 CoL 10000 CoL 15%


Rewards for those you invited:

Bonus Condition Award
  Referral Box [Newbie] Get 1st profession
You can open this chest only after receiving the first profession.

- L2Day buff scrolls (set) - 5 pcs.

- Coin of Luck - 1 pc 

  Referral Box [Middle] Get 2nd profession
You can open this chest only after receiving the second profession.

- L2Day buff scrolls (set) - 10 pcs.

- Coin of Luck - 4 pcs 

  Referral Box [Top] Get 3rd profession
You can open this chest only after receiving the third profession.

- L2Day buff scrolls (set) - 20 pcs.

- Coin of Luck - 10 pcs


Where to Distribute Referral Link?

  1. Various Sites: Add your link to announcers dedicated to our game, where possible.

  2. Forums: Post your invitation to forums dedicated to Lineage 2, MMORPGs and games in general.

  3. Streaming: Include a link in the description of your streams on Twitch, YouTube, Trovo and Kick, and post it in the chat of your streams.

  4. Social Networks: Look for groups and communities about Lineage 2, MMORPG, as well as clan pages.

  5. Personal Contacts: Send invitations to groups and people you have previously played with using platforms such as Skype and Discord.