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Learning skills. How and where to learn skills.

Lineage 2 offers an exciting immersion into the world of magic, battle and strategy. One of the key elements of this world is skills, which can take you from a beginner to an experienced master. In this article, we will tell you where and how to learn skills so that you can become a true martial arts master in this world.

Grand Master and Priest in Cities:

In the cities and settlements of Lineage 2 you will find Grand Masters and Priests . These NPCs are a key source for learning new skills. Cities usually have several craftsmen, each of whom specialize in certain races and classes . For example, magical skills can be learned from magical masters, and combat skills from combat trainers. Speak with a master corresponding to your class to learn new skills and improve existing ones.

Take for example the city of Giran, all the necessary NPCs for learning skills are located here. 

map skill learn

Also, to learn skills we will need experience points (SP) and books .

You can buy some books from book sellers located in guilds, while other books will have to be knocked out from monsters .

spellbook seller

Lineage 2 is a world full of secrets and adventures. Travel around the game world, explore different regions and dungeons. Ultimately, the key factor in learning skills is exploration and interaction with the game world. Be attentive, communicate with other players and explore all the possibilities that this amazing world provides you with.